Some beautiful images of flora and fauna taken in Ashenground & Bolnore Woods.  If you would like to see your photographs of the woods on this Web Site, please send them by email to:


The Monday Group Installing a hand made bench in to the woodland near Railway Path.
The Monday Group constructing the hand made bench for placement near the Railway Path
The completed bench. Thanks to the Monday Group.


Yellow Barred Long Horned Micro Moth. Photo Debby Martell

Solitary Potter Wasp.  Photo Krisztina Fekete

Female Broad Bodied Dragonfly egg laying.  Photo Linda Howard-Bateman

Unfurling Fern.  Photo Kim Berry

Lesser Mason Bee.  Photo Krisztina Fekete

Red Kite.  Photo Debby Martell

Male Broad Bodied Dragonfly. Photo Just Simon

Bagworm Moth Lavae.  Photo Debby Martell

Black Headed Cardinal Beetle. Photo Krisztina Fekete


For more photographs of  flora and fauna within and around the woodland, please Click on G+ in top right hand corner of page and see Janice Tipping beautiful photographs.