Wildlife Sighting Recording

Lorraine Maynard records sightings of birds, plus other fauna and flora, seen in the woods. Please let Lorraine know if you see any birds or other fauna and flora – unusual or common. Lorraine can be contacted on 07802 162275  or email Lorraine at   Alternatively, we have added the link below to enable you to report your sightings and upload a ‘photo directly to the site.  You can use link via your ‘phone or computer.

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Quarterly Sighting Reports:-

Sussex Stag Beetle Initiative would like you to consider making a home in your garden for Stag Beetles. It is very simple, see their instructions – click on the poster below. These fabulous creatures are our largest native beetle and they are under threat. The adult beetle only lives for a few weeks in the summer, their breeding season is very short. Their larvae develop underground, this takes several years, they live on rotting wood during this time, building up fat stores until they develop in to adults. The females remain in the area, the males fly off in pursuit of a female. (For more details of Sussex Stag Beetle Initiative, please go to their Facebook page)

Please Click on the Link below to see how to construct a Stag Beetle Log Pile


Photo Survey

Over the past few years FoABW have been carrying out a fixed point photography survey of the woods.   This has involved photographs taken four times a year from the same 100 fixed points.

You can view a google map of the fixed points and then click on any of those points to view photos taken over the years.

Winter 2016 Survey by Krisztina Fekete

Krisztina will carry out seasonal surveys of AGW throughout the year. Mosses, Lichens, Insects.

Please Click on link below to see her Winter survey of mosses and fungi.

Ashenground & Bolnore Woods Bryophyte Survey 2016 WInter